Events : 

The event feature is designed to add any special events that make a difference in the sales. Whether external events such as holidays, or internal events such as marketing campaigns. This is to feed the machine learning program thus generating more accurate results for the results, quantities, and ingredients you will need.


Events Setup :

This page allow you to add and manage the factors that you think they affect or have a influence on your demand. The factors can be External factor like Holidays or Internally designed like marketing campaigns or new pricing to boost the demand.

When adding an item that repeats like summer season, make sure that you use the exact same name each time so the system can recognize it as a periodic factor and enhance your forecast based on that. 

For each factor you can add a start and end date along with smoothing factor, this could be helpful when the impact of the event happens gradually (For example, the effect of the new year event start to pick up gradually one or two days before). Also you can deactivate one or more of the event without having to delete them and adding them again if needed.


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Nov 2020