Setting : 

This section is dedicated to advanced settings to improve forecast results, by adjusting and customizing the details of the input data to perfectly match the needs of the restaurant.

  • Default forecast settings

  • Manage menu items

  • Manage Inventory items 

  • Manage measurements units

Auto Forecast Setting :

This page gives you the flexibility to change the default settings for our auto weekly forecast. Please note that the effect of your changes won’t appear until your weekly forecast runs again. 

  • START HISTORICAL DATA FROM: this option is useful when you don’t want the system to learn from a very old data that doesn’t relate to your current sales pattern. 

  • SEASONALITY SETTINGS: This option help the system to set up the braking points in a way that allows the forecast curve to match your sales pattern nicely. An example of a yearly pattern is the new year holiday or the summer season.


Manage menu items :

This module enable you to  manage all of your menu items that are fetched in real time from the POS integrated with ShopBrain.

You can activate and deactivate menu items, if you would like to focus your forecasts on certain menu items. An elastic search is added to enable you reaching a particular item easily. We Added some metrics to help you decide what items needs to be closed like:

  • Last month daily average quantity

  • Last year daily average quantity

  • Last year daily average revenue

  • Last year daily revenue standard deviation

  • Last month average price

  • Last year average price

All these quick takeaways on the menu item insights can give you a deeper resolution on the needs and what makes it or break it for the restaurant.

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Oct 2020