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Monitor stock levels 
and Gain control of your inventory

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your restaurant's operations. Reduce waste and overspending, optimize inventory levels, forecast demand, and improve customer satisfaction. Shopbrain helps you save time and effort by automating and streamlining tasks, allowing restaurant staff to focus on other important tasks, and lead to increased profitability and customer loyalty.

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 Real-time inventory levels
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Track cost and margin developments in real-time with dedicated performance dashboards

Demand Forecasting
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Introductory tables of raw materials, goods, items and semi-finished items, to maintain their levels with production plans and customer needs.

Stock Notification

Auto low-stock alerts help you pinpoint your exact buy-back points.

Stock Sync

Zero-in on variance between actual and theoretical stock levels.

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Master every item in your inventory

Set all the details of your products and items according to their types, whether they are sold directly or require prior preparation. You can do this through multiple options for definition and classification, add different units for recipes, add different options for purchasing according to size and supplier, and set fixed or variable pricing methods. Customize Par level, Min Level and Max Level.

Make Transferring Stock Items to other locations a breeze

Overcome the variables of transportation operations, such as changing quantities after requesting, or refusing to receive certain quantities damaged  during transportation, and many features that are useful in preparing accurate and detailed reports that meet the daily and realistic needs of your restaurant when dealing with several branches or suppliers. Schobrin helps you to manage the follow-up of transport operations with unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.

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Improved Stock Counts experience using AI..

Shoprin provides you with an easy digital stock counts, designed  with dedicated methods to suit all types of counts: Periodic - Cycle - Stocktake and Random. Complemented with comparison reports of hypothetical and actual consumption to identify illogical changes in inventory

Real-time data,
Close the inventory gap!


Ensure operational consistency in procurement and food waste tracking with dedicated restaurant inventory management software for multi-unit operations.

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