Insight Module :

ShopBrain enables businesses with a comparative analysis of branch level performance along with predictive forecasts for a 30 day period. It also allows businesses to foresee other periods through its advanced filtering system.

The top bar helps you to change from one branch to another, and provide you with the notifications you need to know about your account. Also, you can logout of your account by clicking on the restaurant name on the on the top right side of the bar. 


Branch Insight :

This Graph shows you your branch performance in three different perspectives; Current, Past, and Forecasted Revenue for each day. When clicking on any of the bars you can get more details such as the events that took place on the selected date.

The system is designed to compare relevant dates. As an example if we selected a period from 09/01/2020 to 09/30/2020 the previous first Sunday of the previous month August 2nd will be compared to the current first Sunday of September which will be the 6th.

Otherwise, we shift the previous range a bit forward or backward to match the weekdays together.


These three metrics helps you measure three important KPIs for your branch. 

  • Total revenue generated during the selected period compared to the similar previous period . 

  • The second one is how much is your branch making per day on average during the selected period compared to the previous one. 

  • The last one helps you to track how your branch is doing in terms of traffic compared to the previous period.


The last part here is your menu leaderboard for the current period, it gives you a quick glance what are the highest and least performing items. In another note it shows other angles like Avg. price, Quantity, and Growth in comparison to the preselected filtered time.


Revenue Analysis :

Shop Brain gives you a comprehensive view of your annual, quarterly, monthly, daily income. With the ability to download these charts for professional presentation in meetings with decision makers.
The program also automatically compares the monthly income between several years.
And you can preview income by multiple date ranges as needed, to see the periods of your highest sales. Thus, benefit from it in knowing the factors that cause this difference to take into account when building your future strategic plan.


Menu Items Insight :

This module enable you to manage all of your menu items that are fetched in real time from the POS integrated with ShopBrain.

You can activate and deactivate menu items, if you would like to focus your forecasts on certain menu items. An elastic search is added to enable you reaching a particular item easily.  We Added some metrics to help you decide waht items needs to be closed like:

  • Last month daily average quantity

  • Last year daily average quantity

  • Last year daily average revenue

  • Last year daily revenue standard deviation

  • Last month average price

  • Last year average price

All these quick takeaways on the menu item insights can give you a deeper resolution on the needs and what makes it or break it for the restaurant.


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Nov 2020