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See The Future
Through Your Data Records

ShopBrain puts in your hand a powerful forecasting tool that's flexible & easy to use, helps you to get a clear vision on how your cash flow will look like given all the seasonality and campaigns effects. 

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Better decision-making

Make informed choices based on real-time sales and cost data. Understand how effective is your marketing  campaigns and when to repeat them to maximize your revenues. Quick Metrics with Growth Percentage compared with the previous period: total revenue, average bill amount, total number of bills and COGS.


Forecast your Sales quantity by item

Easily identify the most popular and profitable dishes on your menu, everything you need to know about each item on the menu is in one graph. See the sales of each item grouped on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Comparison of forecast sales and actual sales. 

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Never Buy Inventory
more than your need

Get your Ingredients and Inventory needs based on your sales forecast, managing huge number of inventory items with limited shelf-life time or quickly out of stock is hard, Shoprin helps you determine the future need for inventory components based on your sales forecasts with high accuracy. You can use it to determine the quantities of your daily, weekly or monthly purchases.

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Streamline your Marketing Efforts and see your profits soar.

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Business's demand shows very high demand variability infused by multi-seasonal patterns, you can add events related to your business like marketing campaigns, offers, street maintenance, etc, or use the full Events Library Data and measure how that will change your sales and demand patterns. We made it easy for you to add and manage holidays that you think it might boost or slowdown your sales, then the AI will study the effect of those holidays in the past and repeat the same effect on the future taking in mind overlapping events.

Let's Help You Plan the Future


State of The Art Machine Learning to help you with Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization, intuitively and affordably.

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