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Improve speed & accuracy with an advance
Production Planning Tool



Comprehensive production management system allows you to streamline and optimize your entire production process, from planning to execution. Calculate production plans and assign tasks to people and workstations. Coordinate and manage your production operations. Keep track of progress in a central location, and gain real-time visibility into your production process and make informed decisions to improve efficiency and productivity. 

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Preparing and Designing 
Production Plans

Automatically schedule the preparation of products and semi-finished products in quantities and timing. Convert full production plans into unified operating procedures that can be relied upon and saved as standard operating plans.

Build the perfect menu,
One Recipe at a Time..

A flexible recipe building feature that allows customization of special additions only for external orders or delivery orders. With high flexibility for using alternatives for primary products in case of interruption or the need for change.


Avoid Wastage & Gaps
in the prep flow 

Shoprin provides you with an easy and accurate experience for calculating the actual and theoretical cost of products, and explains the difference between them, with the ability to track the causes of the difference, such as waste. You can also add your own causes of waste, such as expiration, loss, or preparation errors.

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Ensuring that preparation processes are consistent across all locations.


For a smooth and efficient food production process, all the different elements must work together seamlessly. Shopbrain helps to coordinate and synchronize all these components.

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